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This is a promoted article provided by Coinsbee.

Whether it be for ecommerce websites, gaming companies, payment cards, mobile phone credit or a wide variety of other options, users can now access all types of services by buying gift cards with bitcoin.

Coinsbee, founded in 2019, is a new online platform that can be used to purchase a wide range of gift cards using Bitcoin and more than 50 other cryptocurrencies. Not only can users buy gift cards for use with shopping platforms and specific brands, but for a number of other services such as payment cards, phone top-ups, video game stores and more. No matter what kind of service they’re looking for, Coinsbee can help grease the wheels for them to buy all manner of products using the world’s number one decentralized currency.

Since being founded in Stuttgart, Germany a year and a half ago, Coinsbee has been enjoying a meteoric rise as the one-stop shop for easily converting crypto assets into various forms of gift cards and other related services. Offering support for more than 1,000 brands in over 165 countries, Coinsbee bridges the gap between bitcoin and companies that don’t integrate transactions.

Despite many of the difficulties in trying to use bitcoin to quickly and securely carry out transactions with different companies, Coinsbee has got the procedure down pat. After you’re finished browsing the different products available, the site takes you to a shopping cart with as much speed and ease of use as any other internet retailers, and from there, integration with Bitcoin is a seamless process. For the “payment options” step, instead of listing a place for credit card information, Coinsbee has a QR code and wallet address listed. From there, it’s only a few seconds until the desired gift cards are sent straight to your inbox.

Many of the most commonly used ecommerce portals have full integration with the wider world of Bitcoin through Coinsbee. Giants such as Amazon, iTunes, Netflix. Spotify, eBay and others are available through the platform, as are a number of payment cards accepted by many more digital shops and casinos. Both services offered by household names like Mastercard and up-and-comers in the industry can find themselves listed here. Between allowing customers to have this extra layer of security and convenience in their regular purchases and the wide range of entertainment services and phone plans also available through Coinsbee, it is a place connecting your Bitcoin wallet to any goods and services that you could want.

In short, although Coinsbee has been active in the space for only a brief period, it’s managed to create an impressive infrastructure that can supplement any cryptocurrency user’s purchasing power and overall experience. No matter what service you’re looking for and want to use, Coinsbee can almost certainly prove to be useful, whether by hook or by crook.