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“The Daily Bitcoin” Podcast Launches

Op-ed - “The Daily Bitcoin” Podcast Launches

The amount of Bitcoin-related media out there has gotten quite large over the past few years. For over a year now we're had Bitcoin Magazine, but we also have a growing collection of Bitcoin songs, Bitcoin internetmemes, a (unfortunately now defunct) Bitcoin video show and hundreds of Bitcoin guides, articles and books.

Now, we have another kind of media to add to the collection: a half-hour daily podcast. The show, founded by Adam Levine, Paul Russo and Eli Sklar, has already aired three episodes, and has plans to continue producing five episodes per week for at least the next six months. It will cover topics from all parts of the Bitcoin ecosystem - "like Forbes covers money," Adam Levine explains, and include an educational discussion of some aspect of the Bitcoin technology every day. There will also be a variety of different formats, including the daily audio podcast and a weekly video show aired on YouTube. Altogether, the show has the potential to be a great resource for Bitcoin newbies and more frequent Bitcoin users alike.

The three episodes that are already out can be found here: listening!