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  • Bitcoin investment companies Seetee and Ten31 have partnered to drive investments in Bitcoin infrastructure.
  • The partnership will see Ten31 become Seetee's lead investment partner for Bitcoin-based projects, companies and founders.
  • The two companies have a track record of investing in over 20 Bitcoin companies and continue to represent values widely held in the space.

Bitcoin investment companies Seetee and Ten31 announced a partnership meant to strengthen infrastructure and development of the protocol by investing in projects, companies and founders within the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Ten31 will become Seetee's lead investment partner while each company maintains their own investments. Having invested in over 20 Bitcoin companies collectively, furthering the development of open-source projects through grants and direct investments, their collaborative efforts are set to drive innovation in the space.

"We are delighted to establish this partnership with Seetee, which is based on shared values and vision for the space, and an ultimate trust in working with high quality people of the highest integrity," said Grant Gilliam, co-founder and managing partner of Ten31.

The venture partner alumni of Ten31 includes quite a few notable names. Among them are Marty Bent, author of “Marty’s Bent,” a newsletter discussing the technical and cultural whirlwinds of Bitcoin and host of “Tales From the Crypt,” a similarly-focused podcast; and Matt O’Dell, a Bitcoin and open-source advocate host of the “Citadel Dispatch” show and co-host of “Rabbit Hole Recap.”

The importance of notating involved investors in this venture cannot be understated, as Seetee falls under the banner of the industrial investment company known as Aker, which has historically focused on oil and gas, renewable energy and green technologies, and other related environmental or industrial uses, meaning Bitcoin was for the most part not the focus.

Seetee was created under the Aker banner in 2021 so that they could specialize within the Bitcoin ecosystem. As they partner with reputable investors in the space, it allows would-be investors of their projects to know the cumulative shared values of its participants.

"There is strong long-term alignment between the two organizations, and we couldn't ask for a better strategic partner than Seetee," said Jonathan Kirkwood, co-founder and managing partner of Ten31.