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Creating Sound Finance For The World Through Bitcoin

Mauricio Di Bartolomeo, the Venezuelan founder of Ledn, believes Bitcoin can be the basis for world access to finance.

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The majority of the planet does not have access to basic financial services. Our current systems are permissioned, gated, antiquated and corrupt. Finance has been the number one limiting factor for the majority of the world's people. People are unable to save, they are unable to invest and they are unable to grow. This forces them into wasting time and energy to conserve value and just stay at zero. There is a tremendous amount of room for improvement in finance around the world.

Mauricio Di Bartolomeo thinks that Bitcoin can fix this. He grew up in Venezuela, a country rocked by hyperinflation that was once the top of Latin American society. Now, Venezuela has declined into one of the world's poorest countries. Di Bartolomeo discovered Bitcoin because of his brother’s successful mining operation and his amazement as to what this asset represented for access to basic finance and sound money. He quickly realized that Bitcoin needed financial services and that there was an opportunity for bitcoin to serve as the world's best collateral.

Di Bartolomeo cofounded with the dream of giving world class financial services to the world. The site is focused on Bitcoin and offering multiple languages and the best rates. Di Bartolomeo thinks its international focus gives Ledn and edge because it is focused on a more decentralized cohort of people.