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NFL running back Saquon Barkley has announced that he intends to receive all of his marketing income through bitcoin, using Lightning Network payments platform Strike.

Barkley made the announcement live on an episode of “The Best Business Show With Anthony Pompliano” while joined by Strike CEO Jack Mallers.

“I’m taking my marketing money in bitcoin,” Barkley said.

Pompliano clarified that this meant that he would be taking 100% of his marketing earnings, which are in excess of tens of millions of dollars per year, in BTC and Barkley confirmed, explaining that he was seeking a sound, long-term savings alternative to cash holdings or other investments.

“Now that I see [issues] with inflation and learning so much about Bitcoin … I think it would be the smart thing to do, the right thing to do, to start taking my investment money through bitcoin and through Strike,” Barkley said.

Mallers explained that Barkley would be using Strike to convert direct deposits to Barkley’s bank account into bitcoin, through a product that the platform will be rolling out to all users in the U.S. in the next 30 to 60 days.

“The problem that Saquon’s facing is a problem everyone faces, is that non-working capital, capital that you want to save … you can’t save it in cash anymore,” Mallers added. “And the inflation problem that Saquon is hinting at is extraordinarily real.”

When asked about whether others in the NFL are likely to take his lead, Barkley noted that he feels more Bitcoin education is needed, not just among his colleagues, but around the world.

Late last year, NFL tackle Russel Okung announced a partnership with Strike to receive a significant portion of his $13 million salary in bitcoin.