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Payments on the internet have always been a weakness. A Frankenstein mashup of surveillance, credit card payments and walled-garden ecosystems has emerged as the main avenues for the internet and internet companies to monetize. Freemium and ad-driven models became the way that users were monetized by these companies, but if you get something for free, you are the product and in 2021, this is turning into a problem. Stephan Dodge and Ian Major, the cofounders of BYOD, think Bitcoin can fix this.

“Bitcoin Magazine Podcast” host Christian Keroles sat down with these ambitious entrepreneurs to discuss how the emerging Bitcoin ecosystem and tech stack is enabling people to take the power back over their data and to even monetize it themselves. BYOD is a solution built on top of Bitcoin and the Stack 2 blockchain to enable users to create advertising profiles and, in a cryptographically secure and distributed manner, host and sell access to their data. Dodge and Major believe that BYOD will create a better customer profile and a better experience for both advertisers and customers. Users will get paid out in bitcoin and have more granular control than ever over how their data is used.

Beyond just the application that BYOD is pioneering, Dodge and Major are both incredibly excited about how well the Bitcoin ecosystem and tech stack are developing. A few years ago, it would not have been possible for them to build a solution like BYOD using Bitcoin in a way they deemed sufficiently decentralized. Today, there are several avenues where this was possible, including through Stacks.

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