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This is a promoted article provided by E11EVEN Miami.

As the nightlife scene in the United States is tenuously starting to open back up after a prolonged pandemic lockdown, one Miami nightclub is seeking to make a bold splash upon the new world of post-vaccine partying, courtesy of Bitcoin.

The club, E11EVEN MIAMI, announced this development on April 11, claiming that the venue would allow bitcoin and a variety of other prominent cryptocurrencies for purchasing drinks, tables, merchandise and more.

Opened in 2014, E11EVEN is a 24/7 “ultraclub” in Miami, winning a number of awards and hosting a menagerie of unforgettable performances from across the music and entertainment industries. Yet, like all nightclubs worldwide, the COVID-19 pandemic hit E11EVEN hard, and it is now finding new ways to further distinguish itself from the pack.

“With the tremendous growth and relevancy of cryptocurrency coupled with Mayor Fancis Suarez leading the charge for Miami’s tech boom, we felt it made sense to introduce cryptocurrency as an option to our guests to pay for their night out," said Dennis DeGori, creator and CEO of E11EVEN Miami, according to the release. "E11EVEN is dedicated to always staying ahead of the curve, and we believe cryptocurrency is here to stay."

And this is hardly the first time that E11EVEN has stood ahead of the rest in the nightclub business, having already set up several ventures to distinguish its 20,000-square-foot venue. Previous ventures, like an in-house vodka brand, sound system and hotel residences, have spread all across Florida and beyond.

E11EVEN Vodka, for instance, was launched in a licensing deal with Miami business mogul Nikki Simkins and is now available in hundreds of South Florida’s most popular restaurants, bars and liquor stores.

Now, E11EVEN plans to be a trendsetter again with the move towards cryptocurrency.

“E11EVEN has taken the art of brand creation to the next level!” Ken Degori, operating partner, told Bitcoin Magazine. “So, it is only fitting that E11EVEN should become the first major ultraclub in the U.S. to accept cryptocurrencies as a regular part of doing business. Our guests are some of the trendiest, most tech-savvy people in the world, and the demand for crypto payments has been growing at a feverish pace. We wanted in on that!”

E11EVEN has also partnered with the Bitcoin 2021 conference and will be the exclusive vodka partner of the event, as well as the host of the official after party. Among the many activations that will be provided to attending Bitcoiners courtesy of E11EVEN will also be a Cirque du Soleil-style performance.

E11EVEN’s website claims that, with the status of vaccine access going as well as it has, the club is fully open for business for Miami residents and visitors to come have the time of their lives. The press release confirms that cryptocurrency-based payment processing is already operational for any bitcoin enthusiasts to pay their tabs with the money of the future. With E11EVEN Miami having already become the world’s highest-grossing nightclub per square foot in 2019, it seems safe to say that the fast-paced world of nightclubs might be getting a whole lot more digital soon.