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KICKICO Launching KC Token Sale, Crowdfunding Platform and Prize

- KICKICO Launching Token Sale to Support New Crypto Crowdfunding Platform

The KickCoin (KC) token sale by KICKICO, pre-announced two weeks ago in Bitcoin Magazine, is starting on Aug 29, 2017, 1:00 PM (UTC). KICKICO is a new platform for initial coin offerings (ICOs) and crowdfunding or crowdinvesting campaigns, powered by Ethereum smart contracts. The crowdsale will end on September 29.

"We are creating a platform for the new world with a win-win approach for both project authors and backers in compliance with investment in the future of blockchain crowdfunding 2.0, by distributing funds received during pre-ICO and ICOs," KICKICO founder and CEO Anti Danilevski told Bitcoin Magazine

The KICKICO wants to raise 50,000 ETH, roughly equivalent to $17 million, to deploy a next-generation “crowdfunding 2.0” platform that, according to the KICKICO team, will solve important problems in the current “crowdfunding 1.0” sector. The main problems are the limited availability of many crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, which are only open to residents of specific countries, the cost of crowdfunding campaigns and the fact that most projects fail. 

KICKICO is open to anyone, anywhere. To shield backers from the risks of projects that fail, never delivering the promised benefits, KICKICO only takes on projects in sectors that KICKICO staff and advisors know well. While most of the projects currently scheduled for launch are about gaming, a sector in which the founder and other staff have considerable expertise, KICKICO wants to eventually take on all sort of projects. 

"We are not aiming only at gaming projects,” Danilevski told Bitcoin Magazine. “At this moment we have around 250 projects that are being viewed by our editors and they are absolutely diversified, for example fintech projects, educational, gadgets and even traditional businesses." 

During the KICKICO crowdfund, 600,000,000 KC based on the ERC-20 standard will be sold. Then, those who back projects on the platform will be rewarded, up to 20 percent of their investment, with new KC tokens that can be spent or traded on open markets.

If the value of KC token rises, which is likely to happen if the platform becomes popular, all those who back KICKICO projects will be able to make a profit selling their tokens on exchanges. At this moment, KICKICO is working with 15 exchanges including Bittrex to list KC after the ICO.

The KICKICO platform, which has been three years in the making and is now fully operational, is powered by the Ethereum blockchain, which permits streamlining operations while reducing running costs. One of its main features is a reserve fund that provides security for the community.

“Joining the blockchain movement is a big newsbreak and that can’t be bad for any company, small or big,” noted Danilevski.“The crypto crowd is driving the future.”

Danilevski wants to launch a new crypto ecosystem with a portal dubbed KICKONOMY, open to all businesses that accept payment in KC tokens. In particular, all products funded on KICKICO can become part of a marketplace of indie products that can be traded for KC tokens. KICKICO already has an agreement in place with RBK Games, which is planning to accept KC tokens within their gaming platform.

KICKICO will arrange a drawing for a large prize — 1 million KC — among all participants who backed the crowdsale with the amount of 10 ETH or higher and are registered on the KICKICO site.

Several external projects, including the cross-platform, online strategy game Magisters of Magic, are featured on the front page of the KICKICO website, and scheduled to go live soon — it has managed to collect almost 300 ETH with its declared 200 ETH goal. KICKICO is already a working platform, unlike many who simply have a concept.

KICKICO will invest its money in several diverse ventures following its ICO, including 43 percent invested in PR and marketing for KICKICO development, 20 percent for infrastructure and community development and 8 percent for operational spending.

KICKICO has also agreed on a partnership with Bancor and will activate the Bancor Protocol. Eyal Herzog will join as an advisor and more information can be found here.