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HunterCoin: The Massive Multiplayer Online Cryptocoin Game (MMOCG)

Op-ed - HunterCoin: The Massive Multiplayer Online Cryptocoin Game (MMOCG)

HunterCoin (HUC) is a fork from Namecoin and was the brainchild of user SnailBrain and the late user thecoder who helped make Namecoin.

The concept behind HUC is that mining can do more than secure a network or place votes on valid transactions. HUC mining helps people play a game.

In HUC SHA256 and Scrypt miners can help users register unique names against the HUC blockchain and register the players’ position on the GUI that all users share.

A user registers their name and gets 2 extra characters. The main character, or general, has its name appended with a .1, and the other characters get a .2 and .3 appended. To create characters, you must spend HUC. When you create your character, you get to choose what team you would like to play for. There are red, blue, green, and yellow teams to choose from.

The HUC wallet is also where you play the game. When you load the game you’ll see a very large scrollable map where you can watch other teams move around. Miners validate names and positions, but the mining algorithm is designed to release most of the coins mined back onto the game board. You can literally click on the screen to nearby or far away locations and collect all the HUC you’d like.

The catch is every player has the ability to turn themselves into a walking nuke. Clicking destroy as your action, instead of moving around the board or returning to your base, kills all players in your vicinity and the coins they are holding are released for the HUC players to fight over.

One objective besides getting coins is obtaining a crown. If a user has this crown in their possession they will earn .25 HUC while they are still alive.

There is also a chat window where you can shout threats and taunts, and declare, “Go!” Even though sending the message “Go!” does absolutely nothing, it is part of the madness and absurdity that comes with MMO gaming.

Due to the open source nature of the game, their chat window has been declared NSFW and the game isn’t recommended for children.

When I first played the game, it was pretty responsive; even though having a player move took longer than a traditional MMORPG, I didn’t mind waiting. As of a few months ago, the amount of players trying to mine, move, and kill is quite high and is the cause of any lag in game play.

Because you need HUC to actually play, please post your HUC addresses as comments to this post so folks from the HUC community can share coins with new users.

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