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Evidence In Favor of Kenilworth’s Reputation

Op-ed - Evidence In Favor of Kenilworth’s Reputation

When we released the article on Kenilworth Exploration last Friday, one reader emailed us saying that he does not trust Kenilworth to follow through on their promises and believes that the company will simply collect the money and run. It is encouraging that people think in this way; not investing in a good corporation out of mistrust simply leads to a lost opportunity for profit, while investing in a bad corporation out of naiveté can lead to losing one's entire initial investment.However, we have very good reason to believe that Kenilworth is a legitimate and upstanding company, and is speaking the truth about its promises and investment plans. To help readers come to an informed decision, we are publishing our reasoning here:

  1. Kenilworth's CEO, Patrick Prendergast, is also the CEO of Canopus Biopharma, a public company that has been actively dealing with biomedical research for many years. Note that although Canopus is public, they are by no means large (or even medium-sized); however, there are no obvious signs that either the Prendergasts or Canopus have any kind of disreputable history.
  2. Prendergast is also responsible for the Australian Camel Company, which used the Prendergasts' farm in Australia to sell up to $200,000 of camel meat per month
  3. Kenilworth is registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) as a public company. The company's registration number is 119439691 and the company has privately given Bitcoin Magazine their credit report from CreditorWatch created on April 30, 2013, which confirms that the company was registered as a business in 2006 and as a public company in 2012
  4. Bitcoin Magazine asked Thomson Resources Ltd for confirmation of the existence of a partnership between them and Kenilworth, which Thomson confirmed. An ASX (Australian Stock Exchange) release detailing the partnership exists online. Thomson Resources is itself too small to have a well-defined market capitalization, although it is also a registered public company.
  5. The company has also released the SRK evaluation


of their exploration licenses, confirming the minimum, maximum and potential value of the exploration licenses that they claimKenilworth is certainly a small company, and so may well fail just as many other small businesses do, but there is no reason to believe that the company is "shady"; the company has released plenty of information, and if they have been actively dishonest then they would bear the full brunt of the legal system when the truth would be finally revealed. Running away is not an option; at the very least, the Australian Camel Company's farm would be seized. Thus, the only risk of investing in Kenilworth is almost certainly simply the natural risk that comes with investing in a new and unproven venture. If you are interested in preserving your life savings at all cost, this may be too risky an opportunity for you. Otherwise, the company needs hundreds of thousands of dollars of investment; evaluate the facts for yourself, and if you find them favorable consider investing a bitcoin (or even 0.0018 of them) yourself.