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Decentralized Application Development Network Corona Launches

Op-ed - Decentralized Application Development Network Corona Launches

Corona is a new collaborative-oriented network and community for decentralized application (DApp) developers in search of resources and financial support.

Corona is a technology agnostic site that supports a diversity of decentralized platforms, technologies and digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, MaidSafe, Codius, Sidechains, Eris Industries, NXT, Factom, Counterparty and Omni, among others.

Although there are several initiatives to fund development on various platforms, founder Daniel Greene says there are no programs currently doing anything similar to Corona.

“The closest projects to ours which operate similarly, such as DEVgrants and College Cryptocurrency Network (CCN), are actually complementary to our goals and share a strong potential for symbiotic and mutually beneficial relationships,” he said.

DEVgrants is a project built by the Ethereum team that offers funding for contributions to both the Ethereum platform and projects based on Ethereum. While, DEVgrants is not a funding platform, it does provide resources to continue building a Dapp.

CCN, founded in 2014, is a nonprofit dedicated to blockchain education, innovation and development. CCN focuses on connecting the novice with the experts and has reached a network spanning the globe in more than 150 locations.

Proponents of DApps claim that the decentralization of software services people use on a daily basis, such as Dropbox, WhatsApp and eBay, could greatly benefit the users of those services. For example, a decentralized marketplace would mean that buying and selling goods and services would be conducted directly between buyer and seller without unwanted third-party involvement, and would be regulated by cryptocurrency smart contracts and arbitration.

“Over the next decade businesses will start assessing their decentralization strategies. Decentralization technology undermines the core control mechanism businesses use today to monopolize their customer base thanks to its abstraction effect,” states the Corona whitepaper.

Corona also outlines the possibility that decentralized identity, reputation and credit rating applications could possibly be the backbone in the creation of more competitive peer-to-peer insurance and loan markets which have the potential to disrupt these industries, as well as serving the unbanked worldwide who cannot currently benefit from such protection. Decentralized messenger and network applications free from government interference could also have positive impacts on democracy and freedom of speech.

About Corona

Founded by Greene and backed by an experienced team of developers and advisors, Corona strives to make DApps easier to develop while promoting their use cases.

According to Greene, DApps can be built “in a shorter time period compared to standard applications because of the turnkey infrastructure, lowered barrier to entry and simplified deployment. The increasing ease of creating such software will lead to the rapid expansion of decentralized services. These peer-to-peer services are revolutionizing the Internet economy, offering alternatives to centralized corporate monopolies.”

By building a networking hub for DApp developers in need of funding and resources, Corona is poised to advance new blockchain technologies, open-source software solutions and disruptive decentralized business models that may benefit billions worldwide.