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When Bitcoin was designed, Satoshi Nakamoto made the intentional trade-off between security and wide-range functionality for building applications. When Ethereum launched using the Solidity programming language, developers across the blockchain ecosystem finally had a programming language and the rudimentary capabilities to build and integrate applications with a public blockchain. At the time all existing public blockchains were derivatives of Bitcoin with slight modifications. Integrating with any of these existing blockchains was extremely difficult. Even simple app integrations took months of work for highly skilled engineers. While Ethereum brought us closer to a vision of blockchain-enabled applications, it certainly had a lot to be desired for truly robust and production-ready applications.

Today, thanks to Catenis, this has all changed. Many companies are building high-level tools to make utilizing Bitcoin simpler, yet none are at the level of sophistication and ease of use of the Catenis platform. Catenis is the premiere second-layer integration technology, available today by Blockchain of Things Inc.

Catenis makes integrating with and building applications enabled with Bitcoin functionality easy! Although it is commonly assumed that the Bitcoin blockchain can only be used for transacting the underlying asset, bitcoin, Catenis amplifies the capabilities of the Bitcoin network through a clever, original and inventive Layer 2 solution.

Advantages Of Using Catenis

  • Contains a drag-and-drop interface to build applications (with Catenis Flow and Catenis Blocks) for non-developers and developers alike.
  • Contains powerful APIs.
  • All transactions are in real time using the Bitcoin blockchain.
  • Allows users to issue, distribute, transfer and track fungible and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
  • No knowledge of Bitcoin or cryptocurrency is required.
  • No need to hold or store bitcoin.
  • Adds easy-to-implement, peer-to-peer messaging and content-logging on the Bitcoin network.
  • Limits on message size (such as documents, movies, CAD files, etc.) for both messaging and logging.
  • All data logged or sent via the P2P network is encrypted (clear data is optional).
  • Transactions across applications can be permissioned and closed/private blockchains are no longer necessary.
  • Support for low-cost, real-time, off-chain transactions and messages.
  • A notification layer that provides a powerful notification event system for real-world solutions and much more!

Catenis’ family of products offers Catenis Flow, a low-code development environment that allows beginners and experienced app developers to fully utilize and enhance the world’s most powerful and secure blockchain, by using these intuitive drag-and-drop tools.

This second-layer technology sits on top of the Bitcoin network and its associated protocols. Catenis builds on the base technology to make it easier to grasp and effectively manage by adding enterprise-ready features. Catenis Flow makes building applications or integrating existing apps with Bitcoin faster, cheaper and easier than ever!

Promoted: The Catenis platform provides a simple and inventive Layer 2 solution for developers and non-developers alike to build applications on Bitcoin.

An example of the drag-and-drop tools in Catenis

To facilitate integration with Bitcoin for business solutions, Catenis employs an advanced credit system technology, called “Catenis Credits.” This technology abstracts all bitcoin, so customers do not need to purchase, store or secure bitcoin. The Catenis Credit technology is how customers pay for services that incur bitcoin fees and allow network fee payment to be decoupled from any centralized infrastructure.

The Catenis Credit technology encodes credits across the decentralized Bitcoin blockchain allowing the ledger stored across the Bitcoin network to maintain the credits for applications built using the Catenis platform. The underlying technology offloads the complexities of creating transactions and paying fees in bitcoin, eliminating all risks associated with purchasing and maintaining custody of bitcoin, resulting in a zero-risk, zero-liability approach to building Bitcoin applications. This reliance allows Catenis to have massive reach and fault tolerance globally!

If you want to try the Catenis technology, free development accounts are available.

To read more about this robust product, you can visit the documentation section of the website.