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BitScan Crowd-funding of World’s Largest Android Bitcoin Directory Reaches a Third of Target in Five Days

Op-ed - BitScan Crowd-funding of World’s Largest Android Bitcoin Directory Reaches a Third of Target in Five Days

Businesses large and small continue to adopt Bitcoin as a trusted payment method, both in e-commerce and brick-and-mortar spaces. BitScan hopes to lead the continued global adoption and aims to help users learn about Bitcoin, make connections within the market and grow the Bitcoin community through a unique platform. Following the release of the company’s iOS application that combines Bitcoin knowledge with interactivity, BitScan announced it will move forward with the development of the BitScan app for Android. The company has since launched a crowd-funding campaign to assist in the development of the application, which in the end hopes to increase exposure to merchants and further launch Bitcoin into widespread adoption.

The new application will also include the world’s largest Bitcoin Directory, currently consisting of over 6,000 businesses throughout the world. Rob Wilson, CEO of BitScan stated, “we remain convinced that promotion of Bitcoin commerce remains the key to mainstream bitcoin adoption and we are pulling out all the stops to make this happen.”BitScan made the announcement in a recent press release:SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA -- February 2014 -- BitScan has launched a crowd-fund campaign to help finance an Android version of their Bitcoin Directory App, which includes the largest categorized and mapped directory of Bitcoin businesses on the planet, now contains over 6,000 businesses covering more than 130 countries. Five days after launch on Max Keiser’s new crowd-funding platform,, pledges hit $6,000, exactly one third of their $20,000 target.

Just five days from launch, pledges have already hit $6,000, underlining community interest in a project aimed at promoting commerce throughout the Bitcoin ecosystem.

In parallel with this project, which is scheduled for completion early in Q2 2014, the BitScan team are forging ahead with optimization of their iOS App and website ( to support efficiency, speed and scalability. An ambitious product development schedule aims to deliver a series of enhancements for both consumers and businesses throughout the year.

A fundamental component of BitScan’s strategy is making their rapidly growing database available to third party developers, for integration in their own products. BitScan aims to make this possible via customized API access, in order to provide wallet developers, news and consumer sites with the possibility of integrating directory data within their own offerings.

In partnership with BitPay, another component of their strategy involves the development of Trust IP, which can be deployed to boost consumer confidence in online Bitcoin commerce, with businesses and peer-to-peer.

The Sydney-based team believe a key to mainstream bitcoin adoption lies in the promotion of bitcoin commerce. BitScan’s apps and website are the first step as they strive to make a positive difference throughout and beyond the Bitcoin community.

Anyone wishing to help them in this quest can view their crowd-funding campaign at