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Bitcoin Magazine is proud and excited to announce that we will be establishing a news bureau in Kyiv, Ukraine as part of our ongoing efforts to expand reporting on bitcoin adoption in Eastern Europe and the greater CIS region. We will be opening the new office with a strategic partner that will be announced next month.

This international expansion comes shortly after Ukraine recently approved a bill that made Bitcoin legal within its jurisdictions. Bitcoin Magazine has formed very strong relationships with some of those who were behind this new bill as well as many other highly influential figures in the country. The popularity of bitcoin amongst the whole country also can not be underestimated, as Ukraine is home to the fourth-largest population of bitcoin users in the world, according to Chainalysis.

“At Bitcoin Magazine, we’ve always been focused on reporting from where the real news is happening, using local experts to break stories of global magnitude, and to provide thorough insight that you simply can’t when you’re reporting from outside the country,” said David Bailey, CEO of Bitcoin Magazine. “While the world’s economists are fixated on superpowers like China and the United States, the future of money is being decided in places like El Salvador and Ukraine.”

Bailey added some additional context on the decision of launching in this country: “Kyiv is the perfect launchpad for our regional efforts. Ukraine is fast turning from a regional to a global leader in Bitcoin, and we look forward to playing a leading role in providing first-class reporting and analysis of the latest developments in these exciting markets.”

The team making up the bureau will feature a group of the most talented Bitcoin journalists in the region, who will be producing top quality written, video, and podcast content in Ukrainian, Russian and Kazakh.

At Bitcoin Magazine, we know how important it is to expand into new markets to help educate anyone who is interested in this groundbreaking technology. We believe that Bitcoin is the most important topic going on in the world today, so educating new audiences on the importance of adopting a Bitcoin standard helps the world march further towards hyperbitcoinization.

Mike Germano, Publisher of Bitcoin Magazine, commented on today’s news: "Our goal is for Bitcoin Magazine to be the most trusted and important media outlet for anyone interested in Bitcoin. To achieve this, we are hiring the best reporters, storytellers, videographers, and producers globally who are members of the community and have firsthand experience on how Bitcoin can change the world."

The new Ukrainian website is planned for launch in November 2021, and Bitcoin Magazine is looking to hire regional professionals who are enthusiastic about Bitcoin and the financial freedom it provides before the launch.

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