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Bitcoin Magazine Hires Elizabeth Ploshay for Communications

Op-ed - Bitcoin Magazine Hires Elizabeth Ploshay for Communications

Bitcoin Magazine is pleased to add Miss Elizabeth Ploshay to our team as Manager of Communications.

Elizabeth has worked on Capitol Hill in Washington as a Legislative Correspondent and Scheduler, and she is excited to do more work involving Bitcoin. She will take over the responsibility of handling Customer Support and Advertising. We hope to expand her role in the near future to have her contribute more to the magazine and our content! Here is a brief introduction by Elizabeth:

I look forward to joining the team to forward and strengthen the Bitcoin currency and most importantly to help educate individuals on the value of this decentralized, paperless currency base on peer to peer transfers. Having just arrived from Washington, DC after serving as the Legislative Correspondent and previously Scheduler and Middle Eastern Policy Assistant for the Chief Deputy Majority Whip Representative Peter J. Roskam (IL-06), I am intrigued by the success to date of the Bitcoin currency.

The Bitcoin currency opens the door to greater economic freedom on an individual, local, state, national and international level. With an expanding role of the federal government and onerous regulations continuing to cut off economic growth, the Bitcoin currency is a healthy alternative for individuals and businesses to turn to. The Bitcoin currency exemplifies the free market, pro-economic growth initiatives that our Founding Fathers had hoped to foster and promote through the Constitution which centered on safeguarding individuals from excess government intervention in their lives.

As our nation is falling deeper into debt, individuals can no longer place their trust the US Federal Reserve. With a devalued dollar and continual inflation, Bitcoin is again a reliable option and worth investing in. With experience in the private sector, political campaigns, and most recently on Capitol Hill, I hope to contribute to the team to continue to forward free market and limited government initiatives through the Bitcoin currency.