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In episode eight of “Bitcoin Bottom Line,” hosts Steven McClurg and C.J. Wilson invited former National Football League player for the Tennessee Titans and philanthropist Derrick Morgan to discuss impact investing.

Aligning his capital with his values, Morgan makes investing with impact a priority, not only in his financial portfolio, but in his everyday life as well. As founders of real estate development company Kingdom Group, Derrick and his wife, Charity Morgan, have projects all across the Southeast, ranging from affordable workforce housing to workforce development.

Referencing episode six of “Bitcoin Bottom Line,” McClurg noted, “One of the biggest impacts on people in an inflationary environment is just the ability to live somewhere.”

Kingdom Group is building a transitional housing development, working with the homeless population in Nashville to get people off the streets. Morgan explained how it is building these properties in parts of town that have been historically segregated by red lines, as well as other acts that have kept that part of town removed from the city. He explained, “The cost of living is going through the roof, but wages aren’t increasing at the same rate. This is creating a need for affordable housing.”

As a former pro athlete himself, Wilson asked Morgan about his post-career impact on real estate, wondering how Morgan has stayed focused on being productive instead of falling into the “get-rich-quick” traps that athletes are encouraged to buy into.

Morgan’s answer was simple: “If you clearly have your goals distinguished and a general sense of direction, that helps cut down on wasted time as well as distractions that don’t align with your missions and values.”

As a founder, he naturally commented on Kingdom Group’s fundamentals as well.

“As a company, when we are presented with an opportunity, we run it first through our values and our mission,” Morgan said.

Morgan’s diligence both during his professional football career and afterwards in his recent lifestyle can be found in the form of eating plant-based foods. He shared how his former teammates would call him “Dr. Morgan,” due to his alternative perspective and passion for health in the NFL community, and he described how veganism helped him succeed in his athletic career.

Charity, who is a chef, is releasing her first cookbook, “Unbelievably Vegan,” to advocate the vegan lifestyle after starring in “The Game Changers” documentary with her husband.

Wilson identified the “long-game mindset” that financial investing and veganism share, connecting the idea of impact investing.

“Health is a lifelong commitment,” Wilson said. “If you’re really committed to it, you can have a higher quality of life.”

McClurg then discussed El Salvador’s recent Bitcoin adoption, explaining how the country decided to not rely on the U.S. dollar anymore and how that applies to the importance of being independent in our thinking.

Closing out the episode, Morgan shared how he became involved in cryptocurrency while owning physical gold and silver, and Wilson pointed out that his mindset while investing in cryptocurrency follows the idea that he is investing in his future self. Referencing Morgan’s current work with Kingdom Group, Wilson told him, “You’re investing in the community and their future.”

McClurg concluded with some advice: “Always have a plan, always have a set of values, and everything you do has to focus on that long-term plan. That has been Bitcoin for me.”