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Bitcoin In 2021: A New Hope

In this episode of "Fed Watch," the hosts presented a vision of the next year that only the Bitcoin space can offer.
Fed Watch

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In this episode of Bitcoin Magazine’s “Fed Watch,” Christian Keroles and Ansel Lindner look back at the events of the last few weeks and put them into a macro perspective. They also give us an optimistic vision of the next year that only the Bitcoin space can offer. This show always delivers macro insights you cannot find anywhere else!

The episode began with a quick discussion of censorship and the Bitcoin Twitter exodus. It is very appropriate that, in the era of the modern internet, our idea of censorship has changed to mainly include internet speech and digital transactions. Bitcoin, of course, will play a pivotal role in giving the power back to the people and helping mold the debates going forward.

Lindner attempted to put these events into context with other similar events from the not-so-distant past. The main difference today is that society is in a populist, revolutionary mood. Where a similar event in the 1980s or late 1990s was not treated as “insurrection” or the “end of America,” today, the world is at a different point in the grand cycle, ready to interpret things in that way. Whether it is a 100-year debt cycle or the 100-year generational Fourth Turning, these events, at this time, are causing specific reactions.

Next, our hosts summed up the situation for several assets like gold, the dollar and commodities. Gold is expected to struggle over the next six months, while the dollar rebounds, and the build up of inventories for commodities will create pressure on the recent rally.

Lastly, the show wrapped up with summaries of what they expect in 2021. It is a very optimistic vision of the future. Bitcoin is a steady guiding light in this troubled time, and though things might get slightly worse from a political perspective over the next year, history and Bitcoin show us that the future is still very bright.