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On this episode of the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast,” host Christian Keroles sat down with the cofounder, CTO and CPO of, Kevin Lehtiniitty. is a new neo-bank built on top of Bitcoin. Banq is a subsidiary of Prime Trust, which builds a tremendous amount of financial infrastructure in the Bitcoin exchange space. Banq is a new way for people to live and bank on Bitcoin. Rather than a brokerage exchange interface like Coinbase or Gemini, for instance, Banq is designed more like a consumer bank account that incorporates Bitcoin. Banq wants to enable customers to tap into its massive liquidity and payment networks so that they can live 100% in Bitcoin. The app is focused on enabling you to take fiat income and transfer it straight to bitcoin.

Lehtiniitty opined on how he discovered Bitcoin and in the process was unbanked by his credit union, only cementing his appreciation for Bitcoin's liberating capabilities. Lehtiniitty has a deep appreciation for freedom and privacy and wants Banq to be a new kind of financial company that is Bitcoin native and has Bitcoin values built in — values like privacy, choice and consumer control.