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Andreas Antonopoulos and Pamela Morgan Join C4’s Board of Directors

Op-ed - Andreas Antonopoulos and Pamela Morgan Join C4’s Board of Directors

The CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium (C4) has added two high-profile names to its Board of Directors: Andreas M. Antonopoulos and Pamela Morgan.

Antonopoulos’ role will be to assist in both the Certified Bitcoin Expert (CBX) and the CryptoCurrency Security Standard (CCSS) projects. The popular speaker and author of Bitcoin's definitive book, Mastering Bitcoin, will work to ensure that C4's more technical projects achieve their requisite levels of quality.

“C4 fosters the cryptocurrency community's effort to develop standards, through an open, transparent and participatory organization,” says Antonopoulos. “These standards provide a benchmark by which organizations and individuals can demonstrate their professionalism. I have contributed to and implemented these standards myself and I am delighted to join the board of C4 to further advance these efforts.”

Pamela Morgan, legal expert and co-founder with Antonopoulos at Third Key Solutions, has joined C4 as its director of education.

“C4 has proven itself to be a community-centric nonprofit that actually gets things done,” says Morgan. “Though it's a young organization, C4 has already established two professional certification standards, the CBP (Certified Bitcoin Professional) and CBX, and one organizational security standard, CCSS (which is still open for community comment). I'm thrilled to join the C4 board and use my experience in higher education and training to curate and build educational tools to support these standards.”

“As C4’s initiatives continue to grow and mature, our committees and board need to grow as well,” Michael Perklin, CEO of C4, told Bitcoin Magazine. “C4’s certifications and standards depend on the collaborative efforts of our industry’s best and brightest professionals. I look forward to working alongside Andreas and Pamela to further C4’s core mission.”

C4 has also added Gem CEO Micah Winkelspecht to the CCSS Steering Committee, following a recent pull request led by Gem's Senior Software Engineer, Matt Smith. The enhancements and feedback provided by Gem include definitions and clarifications of many technical terms used throughout the standard.

"We've watched several blockchain companies suffer from large-scale security compromises in the past few years, which erodes consumer confidence in the technology as a whole.” says Winkelspecht. “By sharing security best practices and building a common security standard we can help the entire blockchain ecosystem by giving companies a clear roadmap for success, and ultimately boost consumer confidence in the technology."

Rounding out the new additions to the C4 team is Ethan Wilding who will be chairing the CBP Exam Committee.

The CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium is a non-profit organization that provides certifications to professionals who perform cryptocurrency-related services. In awarding certificates to Bitcoin professionals and businesses, the Consortium ensures that recipients have demonstrated comprehensive knowledge in various disciplines ranging from basic cryptography to low-level cryptocurrency development.