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US movie theater chain AMC announced in a shareholder's call Monday it intends to accept Bitcoin for movie tickets and concessions in 2021.

Speaking on the company's Q2 earnings, AMC chairman and CEO Adam Aron said the company, best known for operating nearly 1,000 movie theaters around the globe, will accept Bitcoin for tickets and concessions ordered online.

Aron said the company intends to launch the service by the end of the year, but did not comment further on timing.

He added that the company, which has become the darling of retail investors in 2021, is also exploring "how else AMC can participate in this new burgeoning cryptocurrency universe."

Aron continued: "We’re quite intrigued by potentially lucrative business [opportunities].”

If enacted, AMC would join an increasing number of mainstream companies now participating in the Bitcoin economy, including Square, MicroStrategy and Tesla, all of which have bought and now hold Bitcoin as a treasury reserve asset.