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3 Bitcoin Podcasts Featuring Industry Leaders

Op-ed - 3 Bitcoin Podcasts Featuring Industry Leaders

With the news of SoundCloud’s integration with Changetip, it only makes sense that there is a surge in appeal toward Bitcoin news and analysis podcasts.

While constantly refreshing the most popular Bitcoin news sites is addictive to some, it does not always capture the true passion behind digital currency enthusiasts because they lack one thing podcasts have: a passionate voice. Whether you’re traveling on a WiFi-free flight, or waiting for the next price change, the Bitcoin podcasts below are sure to satiate your appetite.
Bitcoin Magazine had the chance to speak to’s Tony Sakich, who spoke about how they “did not want to be a podcast exclusively about Bitcoin, as there are plenty of those.” This led to Decentralize taking a different route and really covering other things that are related, but that do not exclusively involve Bitcoin. Topics range from decentralization of education, to virtual worlds and politics related to everything crypto.

Run by Eric Martindale (Bitpay), James Walpole (Bitpay), Tony Sakish (Augur) and Chaz Ferguson, started eight months ago with their first guest, country singer Shooter Jennings, who talked about cryptocurrency as well as decentralization in music.

Their latest episode is with Ryan X. Charles, former astrophysicist, veteran of BitPay and Reddit, and current software engineer at BitGo. Ryan comments on BitGo’s Innovators Patent Agreement which has recently created a stir.

Their unbiased approach toward Bitcoin adds a new flavor to podcasting about the digital currency, an example being their interview with Steve Albini, who’s produced records for Nirvana, The Pixies, PJ Harvey, Cheap Trick and many others. Albini’s take on Bitcoin might not be positive, but is a refreshing one nonetheless.

Trace Mayer’s Bitcoin Knowledge Podcast
Considered a Bitcoin legend by many, Trace Mayer is most renowned for being one of digital currency’s earliest adopters, while the market cap was still less than $2 million, Mayer had already helped fund Armory, Bitpay & Kraken.

His podcasts usually span 15 to 30 minutes and are updated as often as once every three days. One of his most popular podcasts is his interview with Erik Voorhees, author of Money & State, and current CEO of

Other notable mentions are his interviews with Kraken CEO Jesse Powell, and more recently with Roger Ver, who funded big names such as &

Let’s Talk Bitcoin
Boasting more than 9,000 community members, Let’s Talk Bitcoin (LTB) prides itself on being more than just a podcast. Episodes are uploaded almost every day, and have been consistently covering all aspects of cryptographically secured money since April 2013. The website has numerous hosts and sub-shows, and content is largely volunteer-based. Dubbed as an “an experimental community platform,” the LTB network is “home to many ACTs (Autonomous Content Teams) who create what they want and when they want, according to their own rules.”

The network’s podcasts ideas range from breaking news to interviews and even satire. Popular episodes include the interview with founder of Bitinstant Charlie Shrem and Andreas M. Antonopolous’s episode about his bookMastering Bitcoin.