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Mike Peterson

Lifelong entrepreneur, philanthropist, and author. Mike is a visionary who understands how to drive narratives that make headlines. His Christian faith has spurred him to see stewardship and service as keys to a joyful life. An Economics degree (BA) from Westmont College in Santa Barbara became a springboard for taking over the family food business. He grew the business into a large concessions company that has been featured in multiple TV programs from Food Network to Good Morning America. The seasonal business has allowed his family to travel throughout the world and to date he has visited over 45 countries. One of these trips brought him and his wife to El Salvador. Currently he and his family split their time between San Diego and El Zonte, a picturesque surf village on the coast of El Salvador. He has served on the boards of several NGO’s and churches and is currently an advisor for Max and Stacy Keiser’s El Zonte Capital Fund. The past few years Mike has been testing his belief that Bitcoin could impact the lives of the unbanked by integrating Bitcoin into the community projects his family is involved in. The Bitcoin Beach project was born in 2019 and has been featured in dozens of top media outlets from Bloomberg to 60 Minutes. Bitcoin Beach was the genesis for El Salvador’s decision to adopt Bitcoin as a national currency which was in turn the driver for the recent adoption by Central African Republic. He is currently focused on supporting grassroots circular Bitcoin economies around the world that are seeking to replicate what has happened in El Salvador.