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John G. Dew

John G. Dew is a media producer, co-host of The Millennial Media Offensive podcast, editor of The Traveling Tacos, and commercial drone pilot, who advocates and champions the Bitcoin future. Actively involved in the Podcasting 2.0 framework and Beef Initiative, John is constantly searching for and trying to create the bleeding edge of Bitcoin adoption. With a background in corporate finance and liquidity markets, John discovered the economic promise of Bitcoin in 2013. An intrigue with mathematics encouraged deeper research into the Bitcoin protocol, and soon after, a proud Bitcoin maximalist was born. John enjoys discussing the future of Bitcoin and the tactics that are most useful for driving Bitcoin adoption and securing Bitcoin’s future against attacks by those invested in the traditional monetary system’s monopoly on commerce. Aside from Bitcoin, John enjoys discussing and learning about ways to be independent from industrial food systems, synthetic health systems, and State security systems. He also enjoys discussing morality, religion, and technology.

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