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John Bush

John Bush was born and raised in Austin, Texas where he has become a notorious community activist. He lives on a small farmstead with his wife and fellow rabble-rouser, Catherine Bleish, their daughter, Aliana, and their son William Lysander. Their family raises chickens and maintains a community garden with several friends. John has dedicated over a decade to promoting the ideals of a free society through grassroots mobilization campaigns, speaking on liberty issues across the country, and building alternative institutions. Well versed in precious metals and the barter economy, John has taken a keen interest in Bitcoin, launching a media, marketing, and consulting firm called SovereignBTC, and producing a weekly Bitcoin podcast with the same name. John is also the editor and operator of The Liberty Beat, a daily radio news service which operates entirely on Bitcoin. John and his wife sell chickens and eggs for Bitcoin on their farmstead, The Blush Family Farm. John's interested in spreading the value of Bitcoin and using it help the public understand that we need not rely on governments or corporations to solve our common problems when we have a passion for liberty, a little technology, and a commitment to one another