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Boomer is a freshly orange-pilled pleb, hailing from the Canadian capital city of Ottawa. Before jumping down the rabbit hole when the world shut down in 2020/2021, he was an Austrian-minded economist who occupied a cubicle with the federal government of Canada. Skeptical of the Keynesian ways since his finance days following the Great Financial Crisis, he’s been measuring economic output and trying to make sense out of inflation for about a decade. In the “work from home world”, he finally took some of his new found time to learn about this “magic internet money” thing that he had been hearing about for years. Fast forward 12 months and he’s actively feeding his curiosity by learning as much as possible about the world’s ultimate form of money. Always looking for a new Bitcoin podcast to listen to or a different pleb to follow on Twitter, his current Bitcoin areas of interests include mining / energy, community building, and orange pilling the uninitiated. A long-time and active member of the FIRE (Financial Independence / Retire Early) movement, Boomer has been a preacher of low-cost index funds, low time preference decision making, and living with purpose for years. Recently, he’s been taking advantage of the 2022 bear market to stack more sat while strengthening the Canadian Bitcoin community by attending as many Bitcoin meetups as he can. He’s been writing about his experiences as a 40-something year old Bitcoin freshman (check out “The Broken Ruler” on Substack), and you can always find him spreading positivity on Bitcoin Twitter (@therulersbroken).