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Exclusive Coverage of Digital Currency Innovation in Music Panel at New York’s Premier Studios


         Exclusive Coverage of Digital Currency Innovation in Music Panel at New York’s Premier Studios
In case you missed last week's exciting panel discussion held at prestigious Premier Studios in New York, look no further. Bitcoin Magazine had the camera rolling and caught the whole thing. Our very own Tatiana Moroz was featured on the panel and was able to interview several other panel members at the event.Panelists consisted of the face of Tatianacoin, Tatiana Moroz; music industry icon Phil Quartararo; CFO and Co-Founder of Ribbit.me Gregory Simon; and was moderated by Rik Willard of MintCombine.With the help of BitPay, Premier Studios has become the first recording studio in the world to accept bitcoin, on a mission toward revolutionizing the music industry. Exploring the possibilities of how digital currency will change the ways people pay for music, how artists are rewarded and how digital currencies can be used to change an environment that has had little innovation in the past decade.The times are changing.Check out the exclusive videos below:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O4wmxeB_ObQ&list=UUmkxu_0z2sWXqqQ1iSwI6Qw&index=1https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ITcZ6x2-T0c&index=2&list=UUmkxu_0z2sWXqqQ1iSwI6Qwhttp://www.premierstudiosny.com/This is just a glimpse of what bitcoin and the blockchain can make possible within the music industry. What's next music lovers?


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