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BFL Confirms 65nm Process for SC Lineup


         BFL Confirms 65nm Process for SC Lineup

Aiming for longevity and efficiency of their products, Butterfly Labs (BFL) has confirmed their new SC chips will be using a 65nm process, the same transistor size as was used for Intel’s wildly successful Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Quad processors.As BFL’s main competitors, Avalon and bASIC, are reportedly built on 110nm and 90nm processes respectively, BFL should be able to hold the position of market leader in mining efficiency for some time to come.

BFL’s soon-to-be-released SC product lineup includes the Jalapeno ($149 for 4.5GH/s), the Little Single SC ($649 for 30GH/s), the Single SC ($1,299 for 60GH/s), and the Mini Rig SC ($29,999 for 1,500GH/s).All of these products will utilize BFL’s full custom ASIC 65nm chips, expected to run at 1 watt per GH.

Josh Zerlan, a BFL representative, expects to have chips in hand by the end of November and begin initial shipments shortly after.The number of units to be shipped in the first batch has not yet been determined. Josh also released new photos of the heat sinks for our viewing pleasure.


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