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Working Avalon ASIC Confirmed, Hashing At 68 GH/s

Photo taken by Jeff Garzik

Jeff Garzik has just received the first ASIC mining computer to hit the consumer market, and has confirmed on Bitcoin IRC that the machine functions as expected. Even after Avalon announced that they had shipped their ASICs out to customers one and a half weeks ago, many continued to doubt Avalon’s claims, but now the Bitcoin community can finally rest easy knowing that the long-awaited ASICs are indeed real.

Word from Garzik first came out a few hours ago, when he wrote a blog post confirming that he received the package and showing off a few pictures of the device and its packaging. An hour later Garzik followed up with another post, detailing the hardware’s modularity and providing a brief three sentence hardware review: “No wifi antenna included. No paperwork or instructions. Power cable is for Chinese “I-SHENG” power outlets, not American. Easy oversights if someone is rushing to ship it, I suppose :)” Fortunately, Avalon founder Yifu Guo confirms, the rest of Avalon’s customers will get a standard US power cable as expected.

Now, only several minutes ago, Garzik followed up with a message on Bitcoin IRC announcing the news that Bitcoin enthusiasts everywhere have all been waiting for: “mining!”, soon followed by a statistic: the machine’s average hashrate is 68252.65 MH/s. This is about thirteen percent higher than the 60 GH/s that Avalon had originally promised, and with the state of the Bitcoin network as it currently is is no small sum; given the current total network hashrate of 22000 GH/s, Garzik will be able to earn an average of about $240 per day. Avalon’s remaining customers will also be able to enjoy highly lucrative rewards, although not quite as extreme; once all of Avalon’s 20 TH/s are added into the picture, each individual ASIC will earn about $120 per day (paying for itself in slightly under two weeks), although revenues will decrease further when Butterfly Labs’ customers get their hands on their own ASICs – an event which, given Butterfly Labs’ current shipping projections is likely to occur around the beginning of March.

Garzik has also made additional comments on the machine’s functionality; “once mining started it was very loud,” Garzik writes, “fans full blast, when initially powered on. The the fans flow down, and the noise cuts way down.” He also spoke positively about the web interface, and for mining aficionados posted a detailed cgminer output log at

ASIC mining will likely take months to reach its full potential; Avalon is not releasing its next batch until early March, and Avalon and Butterfly Labs may well be working nonstop for the foreseeable future as more and more customers line up to buy their own. The Bitcoin ASIC revolution, far from nearing its finish line, is now only beginning.

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  • Marco Antonio


  • Anonymous

    68 Ghash/s is computationally equivalent to nearly 100 AMD HD 5970 GPUs — each of which cost several hundred USD dollars and consume in the range of two orders of magnitude more electricity than this ASIC does.

    • $6241910

      And if you had created this device.. Would you sell it?

      • stienski

        for the overall good of the currency i might sell a certain limited amount lol there arent shipping them yet so we’ll see….

        • tetridae

          Exactly.. if they just stockbiled and used all themselves they would risk getting >51% hashing power and therefore jeapordize the market they are trying to sell to.

      • Brody

        Think of it like this. Let’s use the BItCoins as gold analogy. If the mass of people are mining with pickaxes. And you invent a jackhammer. Would you just keep using that machine to mine gold or would you sell it?

        • Centurio

          That’s not a good analogy, the jackhammer still requires a operator, this device does not, you can stack a 100 of them, and dominate the market without requiring more than 1 well ventilated room and a good powersupply.

          • tetridae

            Well you wouldnt want to get close to 50% of the hashing power since that risks breaking the security of bitcoin and then people wouldn’t trust it anymore. But sure they probably “test” their equipment a bit before selling it 😉

          • $6241910

            Yeah.. They test it until the mining difficulty jumps up again and these devices become useless. Oh we’re shipping them out.. Oh by the way.. we’re accepting pre orders on the next generation 500gh/s machines.. Then sit on those.

  • Dalkore

    Well we can expect a rush of pre-orders tomorrow and BFL is likely sweating a little with a competitor already out the gate. This competition is good for everyone. Now they will be forced to provide better products and services or risk alienating the customer base. Welcome to the next generation of mining. Hello Dave….

  • Bob Yehrmahm

    Finally, consumer ASIC miners. One thing to not: the BUtterfly shipping projections may be a total crock. For about six months, they keep claiming that they will begin shipping the following month, only to move the date back time and time again. Kudos to Avalon for delivering a real product, and being first. Will Butterfly EVER deliver, and will it be in time to have any impact?

  • Antonio

    quando in Italia??

  • Anon

    Damn, this is hard to believe… and very impressive. I’m going to have to consider one for myself.

  • Free Bitcoins 24/7

    It absolutely insane the Return on Investment that these machines are going to make people. Even when the second batch comes out it will still only take 1-2 months of them to breakeven.

  • McFly

    Bla bla bla

    where is proofs?

    • Manis Barosee

      “boo hoo hoo, my 2kW quad 5970 machine’s 4Ghash/s just cannot compete”?

  • Andrewmane

    Impressive, but how much is your electricity bill a month??? How much profit are you making, cos your electricity bill must be a killer.

    • Michael Bailey

      actually, the avalon asics only use around 400W of power.

      • Andrewmane

        What about the TOTAL wattage in a month?

        • Ian Sebastian

          400W full bore is 288 kWh in a 30day month at 12 cents a kwh in the US that’s $35 a month

          • Andrewmane


      • Festin

        it takes 600W

    • tetridae

      Bitcoin is still a long-term investment. If goes mainstream every coin will be worth half a kingdom or more 😛 And electricity can be used instead of heating costs at least in cold parts of the world.

  • Inso

    Holy balls! This is beautiful. Where can I get one? What a brilliant coder. Honestly, one guy codes something to hash at the equivalent of nearly 100x AMD 6950’s… Just incredible.

  • ed

    Scam! they want to pull out your cash for the next fun.

  • lolek

    If machines pay themselves in 2 weeks doesn’t it make more sens for producer to run it for few weeks before shipping? :)

  • John Glenn

    why do they sell money printing press? what is their reasoning?

    • $6241910

      Exactly. If the device costs $1500 and they sell it for Bitcoins ONLY.. Why sell it? If they are paying for themselves in under a month. Why not build it, run it, collect money, build another and another.. etc..

  • Rich

    If it’s to good to be true it probably isn’t

  • $6241910

    This company has essentially created a golden egg laying goose.. They are willing to sell you one in exchange for golden eggs ONLY..

    Now.. why would you want to sell something.. in exchange for the things the item creates? Why not just shut your mouth, keep it for yourself, and just sit back and collect golden eggs?

    Somethings not right.. Fraud sensors are going off like crazy.

    • tetridae

      Golden egg analogy is broken since golden eggs don’t break the market if any “party” gets close to 50%. They don’t dare stockpile because if they have too much, they could compromise the security of the bitcoin blockchain and then no one would trust bit coins anymore.

  • Micah Wallace

    Producer is Mining Before any of get to and they do it 24/7 with theire own machines well making money selling machines to the customer.

  • derp order

    Yes I also don’t understand why you would sell a money printing press. Why not instead collect enough funds to buy hundreds of these ASIC miners, “test” them by running for a few months until you have millions in coins then send them out once the max bitcoin mining capacity has almost been reached.

    • tetridae

      Yes they already do “testing” for some time, but in the end they need to get money to buy new hardware to finance production of new miners. They also have no long term interest in making the bitcoin network unstable by amassing too much hashing power at one point because that could break bitcoin and also their own ability to sell the miners.

  • Derp Johnston

    It’s essentially a machine that ruins the bitcoin safety mechanism then rewards the owner with bitcoin hash codes worth $90 a pop.

  • derp

    Avalon and Butterfly Labs are delaying the shipping so that they can mine some themselves. When the difficulty is so high that these machine no longer are good they will ship them for even more profit.

  • Андрей Брюхненко
  • Casey Dean McDonald

    the rich get richer

  • Sierra Leslie

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  • Mitchel clarke

    We already know how powerful ASIC systems can be for mining, having a power which can range upto 500 GH/s but since, it is more likely that the performance will boost in TH/s now to mine, it is expected that we see a rise in bitcoin exchange rate too.