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Bitcore – Open Source Developer Tools for the Bitcoin Network

Op-ed - Bitcore – Open Source Developer Tools for the Bitcoin Network

Are you working on a Bitcoin project? The latest open-source Bitcoin project, Bitcore has been launched to make it easier than ever to develop apps that interact with the real Bitcoin network. Bitcore is a complete, native interface to the Bitcoin network, providing a pure and powerful core for your Bitcoin project.

Designed by BitPay, Bitcore has been launched in order to encourage developers to build software that directly interfaces with the Bitcoin network. As a powerful peer-to-peer network, Bitcoin is the next generation of financial technology; and because of the decentralized nature of the network, developers must be resilient and reliable, which makes open-source projects pivotal to forward progress. According to, “Bitcore unchains developers from fallible, centralized API’s, and provides the tools to interact with the real Bitcoin network.”

In the eyes of developers contemplating new Bitcoin projects, utilizing proprietary or centralized APIs hosted by closed software makes innovation very difficult. In contrast, Bitcore’s open-source model will drive continued development and implementation of Bitcoin applications and services.

Bitcore is an open-source JavaScript library that has the capability of doing anything imaginable with the Bitcoin protocol; and is designed to run server-side on node.js or client side within a web browser. Bitcore is able to interact with a trusted Bitcoin node, such as a bitcoind instance. Bitcore was created from an internal fork of Stefan Thomas’ bitcoinjs project, which many other Bitcoin companies and projects have used. In order to ensure the sufficient out-of-the-box capability and to attract developers to begin using Bitcore, it was decided to make the fork open-source.

The launch of Bitcore was supported by an initial project called Insight, which expressed the platform’s usability in real Bitcoin projects. Insight is a simple block chain explorer and is an example of the benefits and open-source technology behind Bitcore.

Bitcore can be installed from npm with class-like idioms available via Classtool. Examples of the extensive uses of Bitcore can be found at and on GitHub. There are several projects currently underway including Bitcoin address validation, block and transaction monitoring, live block chain exploration, creating and sending a transaction through P2P, parsing a script, consuming bitcoind RPC - the list is expanding daily as more developers get involved.

According to, “BitPay’s Bitcore is still under heavy development and is not yet ready for “drop-in” production use.” However, the nature of open-source makes it possible for anyone, whether developer or not, to submit security issues along with bug fixes, ideas for improvement and code optimization.

Bitcore will help drive the creativity and continued development of Bitcoin and its community of innovative individuals. By interacting with the real Bitcoin network, developers will be able to actively create Bitcoin projects that are unique to their requirements, and share them with the Bitcore community. Bitcore takes a collaborative approach to developing Bitcoin projects and ideas, and is the first platform that has the ability to interact with the real Bitcoin network. 

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