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Bobby Lee

Adoption & Community

BTCC’s Bobby Lee: Chinese Capital Controls Not a Factor in Recent Bitcoin Price Rise

As the price of Bitcoin continues its wild ride, expert observers weigh in on the reasons: China, halving, Japan, Brexit ‒ all seen as factors. But every analysis includes the current situation in China where an uncertain economy and yuan devaluation seems to be causing a marked increase in Bitcoin trading volume. Bobby Lee, CEO […]

Jun 24, 2016
Op Ed

Chinese Exchanges Agree: Bitcoin Price Has Nothing to Do With Capital Controls

The price of bitcoin continues to rise, led primarily by the exchanges in China, which have, oftentimes, been trading at a premium of $10/BTC higher than the other major exchanges around the world. With China driving such an increase in the bitcoin price, many have been speculating that it could be driven by capital controls. […]

Oct 30, 2015
Op Ed

BTCC Announces Launch of Pro Exchange Allowing 20x Margin Trading

BTCC, one of the largest bitcoin exchanges in the world, announced its Pro Exchange at a Money 20/20 panel held at The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas.  Pro Exchange is a bitcoin margin trading tool that will allow traders to exercise 20x leverage on spot trading.  Unlike BTCC’s regular spot exchange, which might […]

Oct 28, 2015
Op Ed

MediaBistro Holds Second Inside Bitcoins Conference in Las Vegas

On December 10 and 11 MediaBistro, a company that specializes in hosting blogs, courses and events on various topics relevant to the tech industry, held their second Inside Bitcoins conference in Las Vegas, in a similar spirit to their existing Inside 3D Printing and Inside Social Apps events. The conference took place at the MGM […]

Dec 24, 2013