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Coinarch Launches Maximiser Aimed at Changing the World of Bitcoin Investing

Op-ed - Coinarch Launches Maximiser Aimed at Changing the World of Bitcoin Investing

Coinarch is pleased to announce the launch of its latest product, the Maximiser. The Coinarch Maximiser is a bitcoin-linked investment which allows users to earn high rates of interest in a flat or upward trending market, bringing a new dimension to the world of bitcoin investing.

“We are really excited to have the Coinarch Maximiser up and running,” said Coinarch CEO Jeremy Glaros. “Including the Maximiser in our suite of products means our customers can now generate attractive bitcoin-linked returns even in sideways markets, something which up to now has not been available in the bitcoin space. Given the relative stability of the bitcoin price from mid-June through to early August, we think the Maximiser will be attractive to a number of our users.”

By investing in a Coinarch Maximiser, users either earn up to 50 p.a. interest or buy bitcoins at a discount to the bitcoin price at the time of investment. This product is recommended for those who:

  1. Believe the bitcoin price will remain stable in the short term
  2. Would like to earn interest now so they have more to invest in the future
  3. Would like to buy bitcoins should the price fall

According to Mark Hergott, Co-Founder of Coinarch, “Investing in a Maximiser is simple. All users need to do is choose how much they want to invest, how long they want to invest for and the price they are prepared to buy bitcoins which we call the strike.”

When the Coinarch Maximiser reaches maturity, one of two things happen: if the bitcoin price finishes above the strike, the investor receives the Maximiser cash settlement amount and earns a high rate of interest; if it finishes at or below the strike, the investor receives the bitcoin settlement amount which is like using the cash settlement amount to buy bitcoins at the strike. In this way, investors either receive a high interest rate on their Maximiser position or purchase bitcoins at a discount to the initial market price.

“The Maximiser product is a commonly used investment tool in equity, FX and commodities markets to allow investors to generate profits even in sideways or upward trending markets, but until now has not been available to bitcoin investors,” said Coinarch Co-Founder Mark Hergott. “When you combine the Maximiser with our Long and Short Booster products, we now have solutions for our users which suit all market conditions.”

The Coinarch Maximiser is available for investment terms of 14, 30 or 60 days and with strikes ranging from 85 to 98 of the bitcoin price at the time of investment, with the level of interest earned dependent on the term and strike chosen. Investors are able to unwind their Coinarch Maximiser position at any time through their Coinarch account.

About Coinarch

Coinarch was co-founded in late 2013 by Mark Hergott and Justin Tang. The management team was formed with the appointment of Jeremy Glaros as CEO, Gary Weng as COO and David Winder as CTO earlier this year. Jeremy and Mark have extensive experience in the world of finance, with Mark having managed the exotic derivatives book of an investment bank out of Hong Kong and Jeremy having managed the financial products structuring business for an investment bank in Asia. Justin, Gary and David have extensive development backgrounds, with Justin having extensive experience in high end web development, Gary having moved into web development after earning his PhD at Sydney University and David being an industry expert in systems architecture.

The products currently offered on the Coinarch platform allow users to profit in rising, falling or sideways markets. Coinarch plans to introduce a number of additional products not currently available for bitcoin in the following months.

For further information or to obtain a copy of our Media Kit, please contact:

Mark Hergott


+61 452 428 489