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Cryptor Trust Advisory Board

Op-ed - Cryptor Trust Advisory Board

Cryptor Trust Inc. plans to set up an Advisory Board for the Asia-Pacific region, but the advisory board aims to do more than simply provide advice. This board is focused on action. Board member candidates a required to have started Bitcoin related companies, done research, donated money, contributed to bitcoin blogs, launched forums, organized events, provided input on a range of issues or actively participated in the space. In this way, the board will be able to provide depth and value.

Cryptor Trust Inc. is in the process of inviting entrepreneurs, Bitcoin foundation leaders and Bitcoin thinkers in the space to join. The Advisory Board will consist of around 15 members.

The Advisory Board will function as a think-tank with a rich diversity of technologists, researchers, crypto-experts, educators, futurists and entrepreneurs to identify powerful trends in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

The Advisory Board will also work as advisor to the Board of Directors. There are no legal obligations for members. At a later date the Board of Directors will be recruited from the Advisory Board.

There are great opportunities in Asia Pacific and Africa regions. This represents an opportunity for Bitcoin technology participants to actively involve themselves in those regional opportunities.

Cryptor Trust Inc. will be organized according into regions: Latin America, Europe, North America. Each will have their own Board of Directors and Advisory Board. This setup is intended to capitalise on local knowledge. As the first corporate entity, Cryptor Trust (Latam) Inc., Latin America is under establishment.

Cryptor Trust Inc. and affiliated companies are investment vehicles for investing in Bitcoin and Crypto related assets. Cryptor Trust Inc. will be managed by Cornupia Capital Ltd., an asset management and investment banking firm.

Cryptor Trust Inc. believes in the long-term potential of the space, hence this strategic move.

Cryptor Trust Inc.'s strategy is to invest in Bitcoin and Crypto related assets, becoming a long term investor for management teams in this sector with strong vision, values and integrity, operating web based companies with the ambition to build a booming business.

Over the last twelve months, we have seen both a rapid increase in the number of startups in the ecosystem and growing interest from the mainstream investment community.

Cryptor is banking that this trend will continue over the next decade as we begin to see a greater utilisation of the technology in a variety of applications. They have been encouraged by the international financial interest in Bitcoin investments.

Given this current climate, Cryptor trust sees a need for a professionally managed investment fund to allocate risk capital to high-quality Bitcoin / Crypto related companies. Cryptor Trust inc. will contribute risk capital, whilst providing investors with an attractive return on their investment.

Cryptor Trust Inc is one of the few investment companies in the world to have a capital structure based on Bitcoin and hold crypto currencies like Bitcoin as the main asset.