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Lunlun Zou Guzheng Studio: First Hong Kong Business to Accept Bitcoin

Op-ed - Lunlun Zou Guzheng Studio: First Hong Kong Business to Accept Bitcoin

On November 25, Lunlun Zou Guzheng Studio sent out a press release to announce their acceptance of Bitcoin. Lunlun Zou Guzheng Studio is the first business in Hong Kong to accept Bitcoin and hopefully will serve as a catalyst for many surrounding businesses to begin accepting Bitcoin. Guzheng is a 2,000 year old musical instrument from China with 21 strings and serves as the predecessor to the Japanese koto, Korean kayagum and Vietnamese dan tranh. Lead teacher, Lulun Zou, has performed around the world and through her new decision to accept Bitcoin will certainly have a positive impact on the Bitcoin ecosystem. Classes range from beginner to advanced.

Lunlun Zou Guzheng Studio sent the following press release:


Lunlun Zou Guzheng Studio – First Hong Kong Business to Accept Bitcoin

Hong Kong, 25 November 2013 – One of the most pre-eminent organisations promoting, teaching and performing traditional Chinese stringed instruments, the Lunlun Zou Guzheng Studio, has decided to embrace a radically new digital payment technology for those students and patrons who wish to use it. The Studio has announced that it welcomes payment in Bitcoin, the controversial digital currency. The founder and Director of the Studio, Lunlun Zou, said she was open to any new technologies that will help promote the music and make it easier for students. ‘We represent a very old tradition but it does not mean we cannot use the most modern technology. We intend to use whatever legal means is available to us to spread the word and the music’, she said.

Bitcoin began a few years ago as a way of getting round high fees from credit card companies and banks. It is completely digital and some governments are concerned it could be used for criminal purposes, although it has not yet been banned. Ms Zou is not worried so long as it remains legal. ‘Many things in the world can be good or bad – including music – it depends on how we use it.’ She is confident the technology specialists will work things out. ‘Our interest is simply in giving our students and customers another way to pay that may makes it easier for them.’

The Studio is well known for teaching and performing on traditional Chinese instruments such as the guzheng, erhu and pipa. Lunlun Zou is a world renowned musician and performs internationally.

Bitcoin has created quite a stir over the past year with famous investors putting millions of dollars into the business.

More information about Lunlun Zou Guzheng Studio is available at


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