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Interview: Securing Bitcoin With Anchorage's Diogo Monica

Diogo Monica of Anchorage Custody joins the "Bitcoin Magazine Podcast" to discuss institutional BTC storage and securing private keys.
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On this episode of the "Bitcoin Magazine Podcast," host CK sat down with the cofounder and president of Anchorage, Diogo Monica, to talk about the innovative ways that Anchorage is creating better cold storage conditions for institutional bitcoin and crypto asset storage.

Anchorage has become a complete turnkey platform for institutions to leverage in order to build out their bitcoin and other cryptocurrency strategies. Monica has a deep history in securing private keys and mission-critical private information. He led up security at Square and then at Docker.

On this episode, CK and Diogo discussed the following topics:

  • Anchorage as a qualified custodian
  • OCC clarity for commercial banks
  • Who is using Anchorage?
  • Anchorage filed for a national banking charter 
  • How to create better than cold storage
  • What is Anchorage seeing from bitcoin custodial demand?
  • Crypto vs. Bitcoin
  • What is the mindset and knowledge base of Anchorage customers