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“Uncoinventional” Family of Four Travels Across the Country Using Only Bitcoin

Op-ed - “Uncoinventional” Family of Four Travels Across the Country Using Only Bitcoin

JUNE 20, 2014 -- NEW YORK, NY -- Catherine Bleish and John Bush, well-known activists and personalities in the Bitcoin community, are taking their family of four on an “uncoinventional” journey, using only Bitcoin. Named the Uncoinventional Living Tour, the family has been on the road for nearly one week and has used only bitcoin to purchase everything from gas and food, to lodging and other necessities, making it a whole week without spending any fiat currency. They have spent the last week traveling from San Marcos, Texas to Washington D.C. to attend Bitcoin in the Beltway.After this weekend the family will be in New York City at the Holiday Inn in Brooklyn, which is the center for the Bitcoin Pilot Program that was created by Charlie Shrem. Over the course of this weekend, Bleish and her family will be interviewed by a variety of publications including Fox News. On Monday morning in New York City the family will be available for additional radio, television and other media interviews, looking to speak about their unconventional journey and spread the word of the advantages of Bitcoin.“This is the first time a family with children has done anything close to this,” explained Bleish. “What started as a small hair-brained idea has blown up into something really exciting for our family and the Bitcoin community. We are thrilled to show the practical side of the the digital currency and encourage others to use Bitcoin in their everyday lives.”The family has used a variety of Bitcoin services to make their journey possible including utilizing Gyft, one of the largest gift card providers and a bitcoin merchant, to purchase gift cards for a variety of stores and restaurants. For lodging, the family has used both Expedia’s bitcoin payment support as well as Gas has all been paid for with Bitcoin as well using a service called CoinFueled.The family will be available for interviews in New York City beginning the morning of Monday, June 23, before they begin their travels to New Hampshire to attend Porcfest, one of the largest events held for freedom-lovers interested in the liberty movement. For more information and to schedule an interview with the family, please contact or call 512-815-7388.About the Uncoinventional Living TourThe family (John Bush, Catherine Bleish and their children) are known for their strong advocacy of alternative currencies, natural health, sustainability, peaceful parenting, and unschooling. They will find creative ways to travel, eat and sleep without the use of the dollar bill as they cruise over 4,400 miles in their family minivan.