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BitDazzle – The Largest Bitcoin Marketplace to Date

Op-ed - BitDazzle – The Largest Bitcoin Marketplace to Date

Yesterday, an exciting partnership was created that would enable the creation of the largest Bitcoin marketplace to date – BitDazzle. The collaboration between Cashie Commerce and Coinbase will make it possible for any small business to maintain an online marketplace, while reaching an exponentially growing population of Bitcoin users. The breakthrough means big things for the online marketplace.

 How Bitdazzle works:

BitDazzle works the same as any online marketplace. When you visit the site, the consumer will unveil a vast marketplace of digital and physical goods. Consumers search products and complete transactions within a simple to use interface. What sets BitDazzle apart from the competition is the breadth of products available within the online marketplace. Completing any transaction takes minutes and shoppers can choose to pay via Bitcoin, through using Coinbase, or through PayPal and credit card.

You don’t have Bitcoins?

Simply sign up for an account on Coinbase directly from BitDazzle and from there you are just minutes away from completing your transaction!BitDazzle has created an equally simple experience for merchants. In order to list your products you must “open a store.” A seller will complete a short form and be able to list their products for free immediately. Want to sell your products on your website? Through BitDazzle’s partnerships, every merchant can also sign up through Cashie Commerce and create an online shopping cart to post on their personal website, Facebook, and mobile device.

BitDazzle has a vast amount of benefits for merchants and consumers around the world. The partnership with Coinbase and Cashie Commerce enables merchants to sell anything, whether it is a physical or digital good. Through your Cashie account you can manage multiple stores from anywhere in the world. Most importantly, we provide the tools to help you refine and develop your business and increase your sales.

A Breakthrough for Bitcoin

The recent unveiling of BitDazzle, along with the partnership with key industry leaders will increase worldwide adoption of Bitcoin. Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, stated;

"There’s no denying that the breadth of products available for purchase using Bitcoin has been geared toward an early-adopting customer. We're excited our two companies are working together to expand the pool of merchants that transact with Bitcoin. BitDazzle signifies a shift in the landscape wherein Bitcoin goes mainstream."

BitDazzle will launch with more than 100,000 products available for purchase using your hard-earned Bitcoins. Additionally, the company will be partnering with non-profits, making it possible for the philanthropically inclined to donate using Bitcoin to causes such as Children With Hair Loss.

BitDazzle is a giant leap forward in the Bitcoin community. The coming months will show us just how much of an impact it will make.