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Bitcoin Magazine Proud to be a Partner of the Bitcoin Education Project

Op-ed - Bitcoin Magazine Proud to be a Partner of the Bitcoin Education Project

Bitcoin Magazine is proud to announce its new partnership with the Bitcoin Education Project (BEP). BEP was founded by Charles Hoskinson earlier this year to reduce the knowledge barriers to entry for individuals to enter the world of Bitcoin, and to highlight Bitcoin’s utility in mainstream activities. BEP holds to six key tenets of objectivity, transparency, accuracy, accountability, inclusion, and honesty. The project also works to achieve the following three goals: to eliminate misinformation about Bitcoin, generate and vet content made by members of the Bitcoin community, educate to add 1 million additional Bitcoin users to the Bitcoin ecosystem by 2014.

This past month BEP also began a new partnership with Udemy to bridge the information gap and eliminate misinformation about the Bitcoin currency. While this digital, decentralized, cryptocurrency is growing in prominence, education is still a necessity so those involved in and interested in the currency have an understanding of the fundamental purposes and principles behind Bitcoin. Udemy, an online learning platform allowing instructors to host courses, is known as “The Academy of You”. Launched in 2010, Udemy is now mainstream with over 7,000 premium and free courses and the opportunity for instructors to craft their own courses. Udemy permits instructors to upload videos, PDFs, audio, zip files, PowerPoint presentations, and facilitates online discussions.

Through its partnership with Udemy, BEP now offers 7 introductory lectures on the Bitcoin currency, lectures on Bitcoin wallets, Satoshi Nakamoto, and bonus lectures on cryptography with additional lectures and insight from BEP Senior Fellows such as Jon Matonis. With many lectures to come and an open forum for Bitcoin community members to request additional insight on issues of significance, BEP has tremendous growth opportunity within the Udemy space.

The Bitcoin Education Project is another step in the right direction for the facilitation of information sharing within the Bitcoin community and the process of educating individuals eager to learn more. As we continue to expand and will be publishing our 1 year anniversary issue soon, we at the Bitcoin Magazine look forward to working with the Bitcoin Education Project to bridge the information gap and draw practical connections between daily life experiences and the Bitcoin currency.

If you would like to contribute your expertise to Bitcoin Magazine and the Bitcoin Education Project, please let us know! We need to continually keep the community updated and seek to spread the word on the applicability of Bitcoin to everyday life.