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Bitcoin Magazine accepted by Barnes & Noble


After a much anticipated wait the Bitcoin Magazine will now be available to Barnes & Noble stores all across the USA. As a new publication however, interest in the magazine will weigh heavy on whether or not it makes it into and remains in your local store.

We’ve done all the hard work of writing, illustrating, editing, proofing, printing, shipping and marketing, now here’s your chance to do something for the Bitcoin Magazine!

  1. Visit your local Barnes & Noblebookstore starting Monday, June 18th next week and demand that they carry Bitcoin Magazine!
  2. Visit again once a weekfor a month after that and get your friends to do the same. They won’t carry it unless someone is willing to buy it! That rack space is lucrative real estate afterall!
  3. If the magazine does cometo your stores, don’t let them take it out! Buy as many issues as you can and help spread the word!
  4. If the magazine does not cometo your store, keep visiting them and demanding that they carry it. They will eventually have to!

For everyone outside the US, international distribution starting in Canada and Korea are already in the works, but don’t forget that you can always purchase your issues directly from us at

Here’s to another fruitful and interesting year for Bitcoin!

Matthew N. Wright
Editor in Chief