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Bitcoin Foundation’s International Affiliate Program Ramps up for 2014

Adoption & community - Bitcoin Foundation’s International Affiliate Program Ramps up for 2014

On the tails of the LaBitConf, the first ever Latin American Bitcoin Conference, the Bitcoin Foundation announced the full launch of the International Affiliate Program to foster further development of Bitcoin communities around the world. In addition to opening up an international office in the United Kingdom, the Bitcoin Foundation also took the Bitcoin Association of Australia and the Bitcoin Foundation Canada on as the first two affiliates. The Bitcoin Foundation issued the below press release.

Bitcoin Foundation’s International Affiliate Program ramps up for 2014

Opens international office in the United Kingdom

“Bitcoin is an open source protocol with a global presence. We are experiencing rapid adoption worldwide and are excited to welcome Bitcoin Association of Australia and Bitcoin Foundation Canada as our first two affiliate chapters. In addition, we are engaged in talks with India and Argentina and have received strong interest for collaboration from countries like China, Germany and the Netherlands,” said Jon Matonis. Jon Matonis said, “Strengthening and equipping local Bitcoin communities worldwide is at the core of the foundation’s International Affiliate Program and a priority for 2014. London is one of the most international cities in the world and the foundation will be best positioned to fulfillment of its mission to protect, standardize, and promote the use of Bitcoin worldwide.

WASHINGTON, D.C. (December 12, 2013) – The Bitcoin Foundation announced the launch of its International Affiliate Program today, a commitment to empower local Bitcoin communities around the world, with the opening of its London office, led by Jon Matonis, Executive Director. “It is with great pride and excitement that the Bitcoin Embassy announces that it will host the Bitcoin Foundation’s Canadian chapter. Considering how similar our respective missions are, this is a logical collaborative and strategic partnership. We look forward to pooling our resources and ideas to continue promoting and supporting Bitcoin in Canada,” commented Guillaume Babin-Tremblay, Executive Director, Bitcoin Embassy. Since its founding, the foundation’s membership has grown to over 1,000 members with over 50 from outside the United States. This support has enabled the foundation to build a model infrastructure as well as finance teams and initiatives crucial to Bitcoin’s adoption, all in represent and support the inherently global Bitcoin community from there.”

In the rapidly evolving world of new technology and startups, being the first to execute is key. The London office will provide strategic support as well as a “turnkey operation” and “organizational toolbelt” for countries to quickly and seamlessly establish the necessary infrastructure, credibility, and presence to lead localized educational, media, and outreach efforts. Each affiliate will be governed, led, and managed locally by its own board of directors and team while benefiting from the collaborative relationship and shared resources, connections and support from Bitcoin Foundation’s international office.

“Initiatives like the Bitcoin Foundation’s International Affiliate Program help Bitcoin to expand across the globe at the grassroots level,” said Shakil Khan, founder of CoinDesk, angel investor, and personal advisor to Spotify’s CEO.

Jason Williams, President of Bitcoin Association of Australia’s Board of Directors, agreed, “We share a common goal – the adoption of Bitcoin worldwide. This unification of world-class teams across continents, working in a coordinated and collaborative effort, best positions Bitcoin for success.”

In addition to an international team of core developers, public affairs professionals, and attorneys, the foundation supports a robust quarterly grant program that supports projects that strengthen the core infrastructure in a way that is broadly helpful if not always commercially viable such as Coinpunk. The foundation also provides sponsorship of talented individual developers such as Addy Yeow, creator of Bitnodes, and it hosts the annual Bitcoin conference in different regions of the world. Bitcoin 2014 will be hosted in Amsterdam and

the foundation is a proud sponsor of the International Financial Cryptography Association’sFirst Bitcoin Technical Workshop held in Barbados next March. The foundation will maintain its U.S. office in Washington, D.C. to focus on U.S. individual and corporate membership, public policy and public relations.

Bitcoin Foundation’s UK office is located in London’s city centre with close proximity to leading financial companies and media outlets.

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