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Interview: Bitcoin In Nigeria With Ahyke Otutubuike

This episode of "Bitcoin In Asia" hosted Nigerian writer Ahyke Otutubuike to discuss the state of cryptocurrency in his home country.
Bitcoin In Asia

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This episode of Bitcoin Magazine’s “Bitcoin In Asia” featured Ahyke Otutubuike, a technical writer and Bitcoin user based in Nigeria. 

Nigeria has been in the news this month as its central bank issued a directive, prohibiting regulated financial institutions from dealing with cryptocurrency exchanges and companies that touch crypto, essentially unbanking them. Ahyke had a piece in Bitcoin Magazine this past week explaining the situation and adding context for Bitcoin’s place in Nigeria’s economy overall, he added additional analysis in this episode. He discussed the momentum for Bitcoin in Nigeria and its main use cases, national economic factors behind the central bank’s move, what he sees as the main drivers of the action and what comes next.