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A Fundraising Platform that Could Change Bitcoin Crowdfunding

Op-ed - A Fundraising Platform that Could Change Bitcoin Crowdfunding

Kryptokit, the company that brought you RushWallet, announced the addition of RushWallet Fundraiser to their list of product offerings. This feature may prove to play an important role in the future of cryptocurrency crowdfunding efforts. When paired with Kryptokit’s RushWallet, which uses HTML5 and allows users to create a secure bitcoin wallet that is compatible on any device, Fundraiser makes it easy to contribute to any bitcoin crowdfunding campaign. In addition to these services, the company also offers a Chrome Extension that provides wallet access, Bitcoin news, encrypted messaging and a Bitcoin directory.

Unlike many popular crowdfunding platforms, RushWallet Fundraiser offers a wide range of features that are unheard of in the industry. What is likely to be most popular and a big selling point for many looking to raise funds is the fact that the service is fee-free, meaning that Kryptokit does not charge fees or take a percentage of your fundraising. Everything that you raise is yours. Additionally, there is no end date. This means that organizations like Sean’s Outpost can hold a continuous fundraiser for their efforts and share it with whomever for however long they wish.

With no restrictions on the type of project and no need to create lengthy videos or descriptions, the platform is very simplistic and allows users to create crowdfunding campaigns in less than a minute. It seems that the people at Kryptokit are on a mission to eliminate barriers to entry and to make crowdfunding fun, decentralized and easy.

In combination with the product launch, popular non-profit organization Sean’s Outpost became the first to use the RushWallet Fundraiser platform with a goal of raising 20 BTC to upgrade their recently acquired 11,000 square foot building, known as Outpost Thrift, which opened in January. The space will be a place for all homeless and disenfranchised individuals throughout the Pensecola area and will allow Sean’s Outpost to continue to provide a high level of service and support to those in need, and in turn, spread the word of Bitcoin.

The organization obtained the building after floods damaged the initial headquarters, the Bitcoin Homeless Outreach Center. The building was previously a thrift shop before becoming Outpost Thrift. The owner also donated all unsold merchandise to the cause, giving Sean’s Outpost a good start in its new location.

Sean’s Outpost on the planned upgrades and services:

“An enhanced electrical system will allow Sean’s Outpost to convert part of the building into a “wanderers” maker space. In that space the homeless and disenfranchised will have access to a wide range of tools and equipment. They will be able to learn new skills, practice a trade, or simply have a place to fix a broken bicycle chain. In addition, the upgrades will bring meeting and classroom space to the building and greatly enhance Sean’s Outpost’s capacity for teaching life and survival skills to the less fortunate of Pensacola.”

Kryptokit Fundraiser could completely alter the crowdfunding landscape. The company has created a platform that simplifies fundraising, with no fees, no restrictions and no need to spend hours creating media and content. Its wide range of uses remains to be seen, but it has filled the missing piece that has existed in fundraising since the beginning: a fast, easy and secure way to raise bitcoin for your business, charity or community projects. Can RushWallet Fundraiser change the way we crowdfund?