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ChangeTip Introduces ‘Tip.Me’ – the Easiest Way to Tip. Ever.

Op-ed - ChangeTip Introduces ‘Tip.Me’ – the Easiest Way to Tip. Ever.

ChangeTip Introduces ‘Tip.Me’ - the Easiest Way to Tip. Ever.LAS VEGAS, Nov. 4, 2014 - At Money2020 today, San Francisco-based micropayments leader ChangeTip announced their new Tip.Me tipping platform. Tip.Me enables users to tip other users instantly, for free, and is seamlessly integrated into their current ChangeTip product. Until today, ChangeTip has leveraged popular social networks like Reddit and Twitter; with the introduction of Tip.Me, they are taking tipping to a whole new level.The process is simple: users login using any of their online profiles; next, they choose a unique domain; and then they can accept tips whenever, wherever, and from whomever. Tip.Me also offers an embeddable widget so you can start collecting tips on your websites and blogs. The Tip.Me widget, similar to a Twitter ‘Share’ or Facebook ‘Like’ button, will make the social tipping fast and easy.ChangeTip CEO Nick Sullivan thinks Tip.Me is about more than just social tipping.

“It’s about giving people an easy way to say thank you, good job, good idea, or here’s what I owe you. Tip.Me is a platform for instant value transfer and reciprocity. Say your friend pays for the Uber; with Tip.Me you can send him your share of the ride.”

In order to start tipping people from your Tip.Me account, you need to fund it. Currently, the way to fund your account is by using bitcoin. With bitcoin and Tip.Me, the ability to send small amounts of money over the Internet is possible. Traditional payment systems, limited by their technological inefficiencies, have never been able to offer this type of solution.Tip.Me is enabling content providers a new monetization channel while offering the audience an opportunity to express their gratitude. “We see the ‘Like’ culture and want to level this up through gratuity. This is a love button for the Internet,” says Sullivan. Tip.Me is a game changer in a world where advertising currently fuels content.

About ChangeTip

ChangeTip is a leading micropayments company located in San Francisco, California. By leveraging Bitcoina and Blockchain technology, ChangeTip is building a liquidity engine for peer to peer generosity and tipping. ChangeTip is sees the global tipping industry as a multi-billion dollar market desperately in need of a technological make-over. For further information about ChangeTip and Tip.Me please visit or contact Victoria van Eyk,, 613-898-8674.