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Bitcoin security services startup Casa is launching a product allowing users to dollar-cost average (DCA) into Bitcoin, purchasing BTC via bank payments that are then sent straight to a user’s multisig wallet.

DCA bitcoin buying solutions are growing popular on many exchanges, presenting investors with the option to make small recurring purchases to smooth exposure to price volatility and promote long-term investing habits.

Casa’s CEO Nick Neuman commented, “Our mission has always been to make Bitcoin self-sovereignty simple, and these new services are a major leap forward not just for Casa but for our industry and customers.”

Until this point, however, buyers using the industry’s more established exchanges had to manually transfer bitcoin purchased via such a strategy into their multisig wallets. Casa, by contrast, charges a purchasing fee of 0.99%.

As an incentive to sign up for the service, Casa is also offering a Recurring Buy Boost to all paying customers.

“The first 500 users will earn an extra 5% boost for every single recurring order they make between now and September 1,” the company said in the release.

“More people are educating themselves about Bitcoin every day, and they are realizing that coins held on-exchange are vulnerable to hacks and theft from both inside and out,” Neuman continued.

Neuman concluded, “Increasingly, Bitcoin investors understand that there is no point accumulating censorship-resistant money if your funds aren’t seizure resistant. By making security go hand-in-hand with usability, and by rewarding those who take a privacy- and security-first approach, we are making it easier than ever for anyone to take part in money’s next revolution.”