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This is a promoted article provided by Avenir.

Despite all of the hype around bitcoin and cryptocurrencies over the last 13 years, 95% of the world still doesn’t know anything about crypto, and over 99% has never purchased or held any digital assets. Avenir firmly believes that, through digital assets, the dream of a free and decentralized financial system is here and now and wants everyone to be part of it.

The Avenir app focuses on providing users new to the crypto world with the easiest way to invest in bitcoin and other digital assets.Through an interactive onboarding experience, and simple and automated investing strategies, Avenir turns your spare change into digital assets of your choice. Avenir believes that dollar-cost averaging and setting simple strategies to invest periodically is the best way to grow your wealth. With dollar-cost averaging, new users can regularly buy and hold digital assets without worrying about volatility. Over a long enough time horizon, regular investments into an appreciating asset will generate meaningful returns for investors even if the asset is very volatile in the short term.

Avenir is a young company with big dreams. With Avenir, you will soon be able to earn interest/yield on your crypto and to collect crypto rewards through a gamified investing experience. Avenir believes that everyone eventually takes the first step in their digital assets investing journey, and they want your first step to be simple, fun and rewarding.

Invest Passively Through Automated Tools

Avenir offers simple ways for investors to "set it and forget it." The app provides tools for people to set their own recurring investment criteria and allocate a small percentage of their paycheck toward investing into digital assets. For instance, Avenir users can set round ups where any transactions made on their cards are rounded up to the nearest dollar, and the difference is invested in an Avenir-curated portfolio of digital assets. This takes the pressure off of users trying to time the market and often ending up losing their investment. Avenir also allows their users to buy and sell digital assets anytime using their connected bank account.

What’s To Come

Avenir has tremendous capabilities and features coming to the app later this year. A few worth highlighting are:

  • Savings: Avenir is introducing savings allowing users to earn high interest on their bitcoin and other digital assets.
  • Gaming Rewards: The gaming feature allows users to earn rewards by playing fun interactive games and achieving certain milestones in the app.
  • Peer-To-Peer Transfers: Soon, Avenir users will be able to send and receive digital assets to and from external wallets.

To join us on this exciting journey, download our app, visit our websiteTwitter, Instagram or contact us at