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Vishvas Garg

Health is a human right! And Vishvas Garg believes that it should be so for everyone. The healthcare systems of the world today are broken as more than half of the world population currently lacks access to essential healthcare services. The high cost of mediation in the current healthcare systems disproportionately negatively impacts preventive services and patients’ access to innovative health technologies. The mediation in healthcare also results in patients not owning their own health data.Vishvas believes that through Bitcoin-enabled Web5, an innovative healthcare model can be created where patients will own their data and control their identity. This will serve as an inflection point for adopting real-world evidence for key healthcare decision-making in daily clinical practice settings, ensuring a more patient-centric and evidence-based approach to healthcare delivery.Vishvas Garg has a PhD in Pharmacoeconomics, Epidemiology, Pharmaceutical Policy, and Outcomes Research from the University of New Mexico, USA. He also holds MBA and pharmacy degrees. He is a son, husband, father, and a pet parent of two cats. Vishvas was born and raised in India, before immigrating to the United States.Given his expertise in healthcare, Vishvas’s believes the best way he can contribute to the Bitcoin ecosystem is by sharing his healthcare knowledge. He believes by doing so he will hopefully be able to play some role in the improvement of the health of all humans as well as in the advancement of the Bitcoin.Jack Dorsey is a big inspiration for Vishvas. Vishvas’s favorite quote is by William Gibson: “The future is already here. It’s just not evenly distributed yet.”