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Tech Engineer holds a BA in computer information systems. He has been building computer systems and networks for over 20 years. Professionally as a network engineer, network security, privacy, confidentiality, robust infrastructure design and automation have been passionately pursued. Tech has analyzed and designed computer networks for Fortune 500 companies and United States government entities. He has held several top tier networking certifications as well as being a certified ethical hacker. He hopes to bring his knowledge of networking and security to the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Technology and engineering have always piqued Tech’s interest and when he found out about Bitcoin in 2017, it instantly became a top interest. Bitcoin is a new technology that incorporates cryptography, security and many aspects of networking and system architecture that intrigued him. As a person who built computers from a young age and an avid DIY’er, Bitcoin mining also came to the forefront of his projects. Lately, Tech has been using his passion for Bitcoin and his personal and professional background to further the development in the home mining realm. He has been focusing on making decentralized mining more economically incentivized through Mining 4 Heat and other custom integrations and automations.

Follow along with the Bitcoin, technology and engineering journey by following on Twitter @TechEngineer21