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Rowdy Yates

Rowdy Yates has been coding since the 9th grade (not continuously), an interest that lead him to study computer engineering. After serving in the Marines, Rowdy attended law school and has been practicing law ever since. Rowdy first discovered Bitcoin in 2014 and began analyzing it from a data structures perspective, but first began to see the value of the asset class only after he bought a life insurance policy and stumbled into Austrian Economics in 2018. Rowdy focuses his reading on history and psychology, but he has re-read Taleb’s "Incerto" more than any books, save Roald Dahl’s (Rowdy apologizes in advance to Dr. Saifdean Ammous). Rowdy’s primary interest in Bitcoin is the empowerment of mere plebs, the skin in the game it forces HODLers to have, and the antifragility it can bring to communities. Rowdy’s perspective on Bitcoin has been heavily influenced by Robert Murphy, John Vallis, Robert Breedlove, and of course, Saifdean Ammous. Rowdy believes he has the highest disagreeableness score (technically, the lowest score for agreeableness) ever recorded on Jordan Peterson’s personality assessment – 99.9%. Despite this, Rowdy counts dialogos among the few things he enjoys more than lifting weights and shooting.