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Moustafa Amin

Moustafa Amin is a technology leader with more than 20 years of professional experience across large organizations, service providers and telco carriers.

Throughout his professional career, Moustafa had managed elite groups of highly skilled professionals, developed numerous business opportunities, and delivered several courses, workshops and bootcamps.

Late 2014, Moustafa came across the Bitcoin white paper, he was intrigued by every single aspect of the technology, more specifically the true decentralized ledger that no one controls. Immediately after, he started to think of ways on how to leverage Bitcoin to solve countless number of ‘centralized’ issues in the Data Networking field.  

At first, he dumped his initial thoughts in a published book and few documents proposing innovative solutions on how blockchain in general could be effectively combined with data networking technologies but then realized the associated risks of generalizing the ‘blockchain’ concept, so decided to focus only on Bitcoin.

Moustafa spares no effort to promote the hidden values of Bitcoin (other than the apparent monetary value) and how Bitcoin can be leveraged to better change lots of solutions and technologies that we take for granted and don’t think they could be changed or modified.

Most importantly, Moustafa is a diamond-hands Bitcoin HODLER.