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Kane McGukin

Kane has 13 years of wealth management experience spanning brokerage, institutional equity sales, and the independent RIA channel. 

He left the brokerage model with the goal of change as software began eating the world. Kane’s desire was to embrace technology so that he could deliver helpful digital financial tools to clients. He is passionate about technology, digital assets like bitcoin, the stock market, and helping people progress. Kane’s mission is to help individuals fund the lifestyle they desire within the bounds of the income they have.

In a digitally connected 21st century there’s no better time than now.

Kane graduated from Auburn University in 2004 with a B.B.A in Finance. He is analytical and creative with a background covering portfolio management, commercial real estate appraisals, technology and art. Additionally he hosts the Navigating Bitcoin’s Noise podcast and shares some thoughts on Substack via The Mesh Point.