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Jessica Hodlr

Jessica is the COO of Plan B passport, a former figure skater, a lover of dance and her new obsessions include tennis and wake surfing. She provides her clients with the knowledge and services to obtain a second passport into a jurisdiction that is beneficial specifically for them. A lot of people have been interested in getting a second passport not only because it provides them with a Plan B as the world has been proving more and more that it is a necessity, but also because it provides some with a tax haven. When you have a second passport, it allows you to practice flag theory which decentralizes your dependency on any one particular state.

Growing up, she was homeschooled and was always taught to think for herself and to be her own person. She was taught to never rely on anyone or anything outside of her trusted circle which eventually translated into her never trusting anyone to solve her problems nor having her best interests at heart. Being raised in this way really prepared her to embrace a sovereign lifestyle which eventually led her to Bitcoin.

Throughout her sovereign individual journey, she realized how critical it was to have a supportive community of like-minded people, sound money, and of course, to hold multiple passports. She enjoys discussing further different ways for you to take your power and independence back from the state and to create and live a beautiful life.

In addition to Plan B passport, she and Katie The Russian co-host a podcast together named "The Bittersweet Podcast" where they discuss all things Bitcoiners love, outside of Bitcoin. They dive into topics such as unschooling, home birth, hunting, health, food, sovereignty, community, and much more. She and Katie also write a monthly newsletter for Plan B passport where they cover the world news of financial migration, Bitcoin, and sovereignty lifestyle.